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World of Warcraft's Corrupted Blood Plague, Useful for Scientists
Friday 31 August 2007 - 13:53:00

We all know why gamers play World of Warcraft... It's because the game features a virtual world that allows you to be whoever you want to be and really live a character's virtual life. While many see WoW as a method of social isolation, it turns out that the game can help scientists save lives. You might remember the famous "Corrupted Blood" disease that spread within World of Warcraft in 2005.

It was the first
disease in an MMORPG to have a massive effect on the majority of players. Thousands of unlucky gamers had their characters killed by this uncontrolled plague. Of course, chaos was wrecked and every player tried to stay away from the infected creatures and cities. Quarantine measures were used and the gamers really took the whole thing seriously.

This phenomenon hit the news and scientists were able to use the data collected by studying the virtual plague in order to figure out how people behave in the case of such disasters. In WoW, for example, there were gamers that sacrificed themselves, trying to save others, while hundreds of players migrated from the infected areas. Of course, the frustration of some gamers led to crazy ideas, like infecting everyone around on purpose, just for kicks.

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Global MU Online Season 2
Wednesday 27 June 2007 - 13:29:00

MMORPG fans prepare for the ultimate expansion pack for your favorite game of the genre, Global MU Online, as K2 Network has just revealed that the expansion – dubbed Global MU Online Season 2 – is coming later this month. It will contain new features, many of which were requested by you, the fans, such as new sets, a new PvP Shield, new Windowed mode support, new maps etc.

Basically, here's everything all broken down for you, so you can make a better picture of what's ahead:

- new
armor sets including the Ashcrow, Eclips, Iris, Valiant, and Glorious sets

- new weapons (and items) that carry no level requirement, and therefore will be accessible to all players, including: a new sword for the Blade Knight called Daybreak, a Platina Wing Staff for the Soul Master, a Shining Scepter for the Dark Lord, the Sword Dancer for the Magic Gladiator and the Albatross Bow for the Muse Elf.

- new items will include the rare Jewel of Harmony and a useful Complex Potion

- new Windowed Mode and PvP shield, allowing players to run their game in a window, while the new PvP shield, called the "SD Shield," allows classes to engage in combat with one another based on level, rather than on stat point distribution or individual classes’ strengths and weaknesses.

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