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Global MU Online Season 2
Wednesday 27 June 2007 - 13:29:00

MMORPG fans prepare for the ultimate expansion pack for your favorite game of the genre, Global MU Online, as K2 Network has just revealed that the expansion – dubbed Global MU Online Season 2 – is coming later this month. It will contain new features, many of which were requested by you, the fans, such as new sets, a new PvP Shield, new Windowed mode support, new maps etc.

Basically, here's everything all broken down for you, so you can make a better picture of what's ahead:

- new
armor sets including the Ashcrow, Eclips, Iris, Valiant, and Glorious sets

- new weapons (and items) that carry no level requirement, and therefore will be accessible to all players, including: a new sword for the Blade Knight called Daybreak, a Platina Wing Staff for the Soul Master, a Shining Scepter for the Dark Lord, the Sword Dancer for the Magic Gladiator and the Albatross Bow for the Muse Elf.

- new items will include the rare Jewel of Harmony and a useful Complex Potion

- new Windowed Mode and PvP shield, allowing players to run their game in a window, while the new PvP shield, called the "SD Shield," allows classes to engage in combat with one another based on level, rather than on stat point distribution or individual classes’ strengths and weaknesses.

"We are constantly communicating with our community to hear what they feel will enhance their experience with Global MU Online," said Ricardo Mendoza, producer of Global MU Online at K2 Network. "With Season 2 we are able to give them a lot of new features and fixes they have been telling us they want and we think they will be very happy with the results."

Needless to say, there will be tons of new monsters and maps added to the expansion, including creatures such as Blade Hunter, Kentaurus, Gigantis,Nightmare and about ten more, with bizarre names and probably even more bizarre looks. And as every company likes to keep their customers happy, those who upgrade to one of the premium editions with the Pay2Play model also have the option of accessing enhanced game play, including the new Cry Wolf expansion, extensive in-game events, new items and unlimited customer support.

That's about it for now, but stay tuned, you never know what K2 Network and Webzen (the developer) come up with in the following months. No more monsters, I'm sure...

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