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Download Now Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update via Steam, for Map Tweaks
Sunday 07 July 2013 - 21:34:02

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive came out almost a year ago and, thanks to Valve's top-notch support, it's become quite popular and is the host of many impressive initiatives, like Operation Payback that gives money to creators of popular maps.

Now, Valve has issued a new update for the game, through which it modifies quite a few maps, including classics like Inferno, Aztec, or Dust 2, while making changes to the GOTV mechanic and much more.

Check out the full changelog, via Steam, below.

- Made a pass at incorporating some lessons learned from Mirage to original maps. Also, bug fixes.
- Widened apartment hallway near A
- Replaced red car in middle with solid cover
- Fixed radar naming on haycart
- Improved visibility
- Added radar names
Bug fixes
- Improved visibility
- Improved visibility
- Bug fixes
- Improved visibility
- Improved visibility

- Playing a demo recorded on a workshop map will attempt to automatically download and display that workshop map.
- Added a convar cl_download_demoplayer to control whether demo player is allowed to download external resources, defaults to 1 allowing downloads from workshop, allows 2 for downloading all other external resources that could be referenced by community server.
- Added engine support for versioning official maps, so demo playback will seamlessly download and load matching version of the map when playing back older demos. ( Currently supports Nuke, Inferno, Dust2 )
- Fixed rare crashes in HUD when game events were received before HUD elements were fully loaded.

- Additional minor buffs to the Aug and Sig.
- Smoke grenades have been adjusted to make their view-obscuring overlay match the smoke volume shape more precisely as well as some other minor fixes.

- Spectating a flashed player via GOTV now shows an additional effect and icon to indicate blindness without obscuring the spectators view.
- Fixed a case where GOTV spectator would get the round radar template instead of the square one.
- Grenade trajectories are now on by default in spectator x-ray view. Convar sv_grenade_trajectory_time_spectator will adjust visible trail duration.

The new update will be automatically applied the next time you start Steam up and are connected to the Internet.

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